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License PL069 PL344R

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Gitterboxes UIC

Gitterboxes UIC

Euro-Pool-Gitterbox UIC

Mesh basket UIC, Gitterbox, box pallet, or shorter Gibo, or UJC.
The licensed basket in the circulation of the Euro-Pool system is fully exchangeable (the so-called European pallet pool).
Thanks to standardized sizes and quality, customers can send back any pallets to their customers, but not necessarily the same ones in which the goods arrived. The construction, material parameters and dimensions of the UIC Gitterbox are regulated by the UIC 435/3 standard. Width 835 mm, length 1240 mm and height 970 mm, own weight 70 kg (until 2011 approx. 85 kg), capacity of the basket is equal to 0. 8 m3. Load capacity/weight of permissible load max. 1,500 kg.
Each licensed Gitterbox basket must have the year of manufacture, the name of the manufacturer and the EUR/UIC mark and the SGS control mark. Our Plate see here:Związek Producentów Palet.

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