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Euro-Pool-Gitterbox DIN 15155 new

Manufacturer: Palgetrans

Euro - Pool - Gitterbox made according to UIC 435-3 standard, DIN 15 155.
Dimensions: L: 1240 mm, W: 835 mm, H: 970 mm
Version:2 flaps at 1 long side
Walls with mesh 50x50x4 mm
Floor wooden and steal profiles
Surface treatment:painted Ral colour 7030
Loading capacity: 1500 kg
Weight (kg): 70
Stacking load:3000 kg
Insertion height:100 mm
Stackable height:935 mm
Floor: wooden boards in steel profiles, height of the driveway (height of legs) 100 mm, dimensions for forklift truck entry 760/590 mm
Walls: made of mesh 50 x 50 mm x 4 mm wire, built into a steel frame.

Opening: one of the longer walls divided into halves, the lower part can be tilted upwards, the upper part can be opened with an identification plate 320 x 240 mm.
Corrosion protection: Standard one-colour painting, grey RAL 7030, identification plate black and embossed plate with SGS inspection marks.

Mesh containers are most commonly used in the industry - they are perfect for storing heavy items, such as parts and components for manufacturing.
Box you can easily unload and load the goods, that palletbox is consistent with the standards of UIC 435-3 / DIN 15155.
Practical design, resistant to damage.

Euro - Pool - Gitterbox UIC

UIC 435-3, DIN 15 155

RAL 7030

Licensed by
SGS/ Rail Cargo Austria nr. PL - 069


partition wall and cover to lock up

url: palgetrans