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1.Our license for production and repaier Euro-Pool-Gitterboxes

License PL069 PL344R

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Repair of UIC Euro-Pool-Gitterbox

Manufacturer: Palgetrans

Repair of UIC Euro-Pool-Gitterbox means that your Plant will prepare used, damaged mesh containers for repair and will receive the repaired, painted baskets in return on the same day.

Euro-Pool boxes that no longer meet the replacement criteria must be repaired in accordance with UIC 435-3.
Only repairs carried out by companies with a UIC licence are possible, as no repairs can be carried out without the UIC licence.
In addition, only suitable parts in accordance with UIC 435-3 may be used.
A repaired Euro Box must have the same technical parameters as a new one.
With our range of services we support natural recycling of materials.
Damaged pallets are sorted, disassembled and carefully repaired, and returned to their economic cycle.

Palgetrans is a repair company with license number PL344, certified by Rail Cargo Austria.
In order to ensure a high standard of quality of repaired products, we also manufacture components and spare parts for Gitterbox UIC baskets.

We invite all companies to cooperate with us.