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1.Our license for production and repaier Euro-Pool-Gitterboxes

License PL069 PL344R

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3. Information on spare parts for UIC

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5. Information on the criteria for exchanging Gitterbox UIC
Exchange criteria UIC

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Gitterbox Rental

Rental Gitterboxes mostly serve as storage containers for production and stockpiled inventory. Industries, like the automotive sector or other suppliers of machines and system parts, appreciate their quality and standardised handling procedures.
The industry’s need of Gitterboxes differs greatly in the course of a year. With the rental service, Palgetrans ensures on-schedule box supply without companies having to store a large, inconvenient amount of load carriers year round.


While our quality system allows our customers to choose from pallets that are good as new, machine ready or used/UIC, defective load carriers in the pool are separated from the rest. They are repaired in accordance with the applicable regulations. Our repair service also accepts pallets and boxes that belong to our customers.

We fulfil any quality requirements customers may have. Most of the time, returned pallets are second-hand and in exchangeable conditions, however, our clients can enjoy a quality upgrade of their load carriers. We offer used exchangeable, UIC sorted, machine-ready, good as new, and new Euro pallets to meet demands of automated warehouses.
For our customer’s convenience, we can sell, purchase and repair load carriers or provide one-way pallets.