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1.Our license for production and repaier Euro-Pool-Gitterboxes

License PL069 PL344R

2. Information about our products

3. Information on spare parts for UIC

4. A postcard with products

5. Information on the criteria for exchanging Gitterbox UIC
Exchange criteria UIC

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Individual customer project

Have you familiarized yourself with our offer, but unfortunately, no product meets all the requirements?

Would you like to receive an offer that includes a modification of the presented product?

Do you need unusual solutions?

You need a custom container?

Do you have a project or idea waiting for a contractor?

Palgetrans'; employees will help you to complete an individual project in accordance with your expectations and 100% in line with the technical requirements of production, storage, transport. If you need containers, pallets, or baskets of non-standard dimensions and design, just give us detailed product guidelines and our team will do their best to make your project a reality. We will advise and adjust solutions that will help you achieve your goals.

What makes us different when producing custom-made baskets?
* Short time to cost estimate
* Making a container based on a design, technical drawings, photographs, or a pattern, prototype
* Preparation of the prototype and carrying out visual inspection and corrections before serial production
* 100% product conformity with the idea
*High product quality

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